French Territories

Colonial French Coins

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  French Indo-China 1 Piastre 1887-A
choice uncirculated w/ lite toning
(Alex Siegle, Houston, TX, ca. 2000)

This coin is a bit larger than a US silver dollar. Also one can note the resemblence to the head of the Statue of Liberty which was given to us by France, the year previously.

With such nice coins being made for them I'm surprised that French Indo-China (Vietnam) wanted their independence

Spain, Joseph Napoleon, 20 reales 1810 uncirculated

The Spanish thought well enough of him to make this nice coin.

Bro of the little big "N".  The big N took over much of Europe and installed his family members as Kings. The local populations often didn't like it.

The Spanish hated foreign occupation and maintained a guerilla war against the French troops. Also the surrender of Spanish King Ferdinand 7th to French forces severly jolted the Latin American colonies. This and poor subsequent leadership by Ferdinand 7 caused them to break away from Spanish rule and become independent.

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